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Building values-based innovation cultures for sustainable business impact  


The IMPACT project translates the EU’s sustainable development goals into daily business practices. It develops new ways of putting stakeholders’ values into action and illustrates how sustainability challenges can unlock innovation.

The project unites innovation scholars and practitioners to improve the teaching and coaching of sustainability-oriented innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education institutions around Europe. More precisely, we will deliver better teaching materials, educational methods, as well as best practices for use by educators, coaches and facilitators.

The main project outputs are:

Social Media


IMPACT podcast features an engaging conversation with an innovation expert from TÜV Nord Mobility. Discover how organizations can break down barriers to sustainable innovation, harness the power of ethnography, and empower employees to drive sustainability-oriented innovation. Explore the crucial role of leadership and team building in aligning personal and organizational values for a brighter, more sustainable future. Additionally, don't miss our theses on fostering values-based innovation cultures for lasting business impact.

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