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How to establish a values-based innovation culture for sustainable business impact – ethnographic insights from European firms and responses from TÜV Nord

Podcast of Henning Breuer & Kiril Ivanov  talking to Roman Meier-Andrae

In the podcast of the European Erasmus+ IMPACT Project, we further explore how values-based innovation cultures are shaping the future of sustainable business impact. In a rapidly changing world, sustainability isn't just a trend; it's a necessity. Businesses are realizing the urgency of aligning economic success with sustainable development. But how can organizations truly embrace these values and create cultures that drive innovation in line with sustainability? We talk with Roman Meier-Andrae, an innovation expert from one of Europe's leading inspection companies. Throughout our conversation, we explore some key barriers to sustainable innovation and the practices and methods that can help organizations overcome them. Ethnography, as we've discovered, is a powerful tool for understanding innovation cultures and uncovering implicit prerequisites for sustainable innovation. We also zoom out to examine how cultures that support ecosystem competencies can empower employees to drive sustainability-oriented innovation beyond their organization's boundaries. Additionally, we highlight the need for aligning personal values and organizational values and the crucial role of leadership and team building in supporting this alignment.S

Listen to the podcast HERE.



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