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Henning Breuer

Project Initiator

Professor, HMKW

"Values remain widely untapped as drivers for sustainability-oriented innovation - in spite of their potential to integrate diverse stakeholders into the process, to direct collaborative efforts, and to generate innovations that cater to what we really care about."


Sandra Dijk

Project Coordinator

Executive Director, CLIC

“The key to successful project coordination is effective communication and teamwork.”


Matthias Rauterberg

Professor for Design of Interactive Systems, Eindhoven University of Technology

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. If we want to change the world to a better one, we need a values-based and sustainability-oriented way of thinking. It is about thinking, working and living in a profoundly different way.”


Edward Freeman

Academic Director of the Institute for Business in Society, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

“Values are the well-spring of innovation and value creation.”


Andreas Suchanek

Professor of Economic and Business Ethics, HHL

“Sustainability needs consideration of unintended and unwanted consequences of innovation in order to prevent harm. Otherwise the public’s trust will erode. And trust is the foundation of sustainable societal cooperation.


Klaus Fichter

Founder and Director of the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability

“Positive environmental and social impact is driven by sustainability-oriented entrepreneurial mindsets and innovation communities, but also requires an evidence-based impact monitoring. Good intensions are not enough!”

Bettina von Stamm

Innovation Philosopher, Story Teller, Regeneration Proponent

“The good news is, the realisation that innovation should be driven by sustainability considerations is spreading. The bad news is, this is no longer enough. The exponential growth of the challenges we are facing  requires us to put all energy towards regeneration, becoming net positive.”



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