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Embark on a transformative journey with the “Sustainable Innovation Practices” module, a pioneering curriculum crafted by an elite consortium of academic partners and practitioners dedicated to elevating sustainability performance through cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship. This unique educational offering is composed of four dynamic courses, each designed to address critical aspects of sustainability and innovation:

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  1. Sustainability-oriented Communication in Organizations (3 ECTS, developed by Complutense) - Master the art of effective communication strategies that not only talk the talk but walk the walk in sustainability within organizations.

  2. Business Anthropology (3 ECTS, developed by HMKW) - Delve into the cultural dimensions of businesses and discover how anthropology can unlock new pathways to sustainable practices.

  3. Social Impact Assessment of a Service-based Remanufacturing Business Model (3 ECTS, developed by Foundation) - Learn to evaluate the ripple effects of remanufacturing business models on both society and the business world, fostering a balance between profitability and social good.

  4. Sustainable Innovation in Engineering Practice (3 ECTS, developed by CracowU) - Apply sustainability principles directly in engineering practices, making sustainability the core of innovation and design.


These courses represent the forefront of interdisciplinary teaching, focusing sharply on the sustainability challenges of our times. They merge empirical knowledge with best practices in Sustainability Oriented Innovation Practices (SOIP), tailored by university partners from four countries with diverse educational specialties.

The result? A comprehensive educational experience that not only asks but answers vital questions on studying, assessing, communicating, and applying sustainability-oriented innovation (SOI) values and practices in organizations. This module not only covers the social aspects of sustainable development but also dives deep into transforming business models and strategies of industrial companies, alongside crafting effective communication strategies that promote sustainable development and engage stakeholders.

To augment this educational voyage, all academic partners have also curated a toolkit for teachers and students. This innovative toolkit, presented in a versatile card set format, is a treasure trove of knowledge, resources, and materials designed to advance corporate sustainability through cultural development. It allows for engaging, interactive learning experiences, ensuring that the principles of sustainable innovation are not just learned but lived.

Additionally, each course is complemented by meticulously developed PowerPoint presentations, ensuring that educators are fully equipped to deliver these cutting-edge courses with clarity and impact.

Join us in redefining the future of sustainable innovation education, where each course opens doors to new ways of thinking, doing, and influencing positive change in the world.

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Value Mapping Tool Manual

Value Mapping is a tool used to generate ideas for sustainable business model innovation by mapping the value captured and missed opportunities in relation to key organizational stakeholders. The tool supports the reflection on possible new outcomes for stakeholders.


Download the Value Mapping Tool Manual

impact papers


Building values-based innovation cultures for sustainable business impact


Eliciting stakeholder values for strategic and values-based innovation management

Values-based business model innovation –the case of ECOSIA and its business model

Value Mapping Tool Manual(6).jpg

Creating the Culture for Sustainable Innovation: A Gamified Approach

Lack of knowledge is a challenge for sustainability. Knowledge is needed to appropriately

International Journal of Innovation Management’s Special Issue -

Managing Values for Innovation

Deck of Cards

Management guidelines to address cultural challenges and facilitate values-based innovation through gamification


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