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Train-the-Trainer Event at ISPIM Innovation Conference in Ljubljana: A Leap Forward in Innovation Education

In June 2023, the ISPIM Innovation Conference in Ljubljana marked a significant milestone in the realm of innovation and education. This event, attended by over 550 delegates from around the globe, including professionals from academia, industry, consulting, and the public sector, served as a vibrant platform for exchanging groundbreaking ideas and practices in innovation.

The conference's diverse activities, including workshops, hot-topic discussions, discussion panels, and sessions, set the stage for the IMPACT session. This session introduced an innovative set of 36 Gamification Design Pattern Cards. These cards presented a spectrum of values-based and sustainable innovation challenges for participants to engage with and explore. In an interactive and engaging format, the session facilitated attendees in crafting a new game format. This format was aimed at addressing critical issues in innovation, providing a hands-on, immersive experience in learning and applying innovative concepts.

For more detailed insights into the conference and the IMPACT session please see the session flyer.



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