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IMPACT Project to Play a Pivotal Role at ISPIM Innovation Conference 2021

The IMPACT Project is thrilled to announce its active participation in the upcoming ISPIM Innovation Conference 2021, scheduled for this June. This prestigious event, a cornerstone in the innovation management community, brings together thought leaders, innovators, and researchers from around the globe.

At IMPACT, we are committed to fostering innovation and sustainability through collaborative efforts. Our participation in this conference aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire and implement groundbreaking ideas that drive positive change.

A Series of Not-to-be-Missed Events

Our involvement in the ISPIM Innovation Conference includes organizing a series of engaging and insightful events. These are specially curated to provide participants with a unique blend of knowledge, networking, and collaboration opportunities. Details of our scheduled events can be found here.

Highlights of the IMPACT-Organized Events:

  • Panel Discussions: Featuring industry experts and thought leaders, these discussions will delve into the latest trends and challenges in innovation management.

  • Workshops: Interactive sessions designed to provide hands-on experience in various aspects of innovation and sustainable development.

  • Networking Opportunities: Meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals and industry leaders to expand your professional network.

Stay tuned to our website for updates and more information about our activities at the conference. Let's collaborate to create a sustainable and innovative future!



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